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Lords Mobile - Rank 1 in Lords Ball Event | Lords Cup Event | Trapping During Event |Vicky the trap|

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Hey Guys,
In this video, I got Rank 1 in Solo Cup of Lords Ball/Cup Event. and My Guild also got rank 1 in my kingdom. we did too much fun. and i made around 420k points in solo. and Our whole guild made around 1.4m points collectively. so It was Fun, i am also trapping ppl during this event which you can see at the end of this video. so Just Watch till the End to Get More Fun :)

Latest Video Link - "https://youtu.be/4k7tC58g92g"

Top Video Link - "https://youtu.be/cD8k1V5mrB4"

Music link (used in this video) - "https://youtu.be/pZzSq8WfsKo"

Participate in Giveaway - "https://youtu.be/cD8k1V5mrB4"

Details About Giveaway - "https://youtu.be/GDocUUqad4Q"

Latest War Videos - "https://youtu.be/RqsPReMwEbo"

Baby Trap Account Update - "https://youtu.be/_ODQnugGA4c"

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